Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Join Me On A Thirty Day Journey:                                  Join Me on My 30 ...

Join Me On A Thirty Day Journey: Join Me on My 30 ...: Join Me on My 30 Day Journey I want you to follow me on a 30 day journey. I do not know what to expect o...

END OF WEEK ONE: Sunday, November 27, 2011
I managed to lose the five pound goal set, despite spending most of the week with my step-mom in the hospital, due to congestive heart failure and pnuemonia. Made it through the holidays, but had to have a peice of my southern homemade pecan pie; just a small piece. It was worth every delictable morsel; everything in moderation. If you have a craving, have a small piece and be done with it. If not, you will eat everthing around it until you get what you are craving for.
We made a couple of videos for the FACSA Foundation website, for instruction on How To Make A Great Video on youtube at and announcing We Still Have Sponsor Booths Available for the FACSA Foundation Virtual INXPO.

Join me on my weight loss journey and for the INXPO!

Every Thanksgiving our family meets in Missouri, from across the country. This year I could not make it, but you might could call that divine intervention. I would have traveled with my eldest brother and his finance', who on the way home, hydroplaned, flipped, breaking out the back glass (which my brother tried to shield his fiance' from, with his jacket) and slid into the side of a tree, on the right side of the car. They are pretty sore and banged up, but the car is totaled. I would have been sitting on the right passenger side, in the back. Thank God I stayed home and they are alright! Life changes in the blink of an eye. Trust your intuition!

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